Tuesday 22nd July 2020: 11am UK Time.

 Which three factors will drive competitive battery production in the UK?

Delivering a thriving UK battery manufacturing sector will produce a myriad benefits, including thousands of jobs, a reduced carbon footprint, an economic boost for the UK supply chain and improvements for both customers and the environment as a result of a resurgent, electrified automotive sector.

The race is firmly on to bring a Gigafactory to the UK – but the challenges in doing so are not insignificant and the UK must produce the perfect balance between skills, technology and economy to succeed and compete.

As the UK moves towards almost exponential investment in H/EV technology, and the push towards electrification – battery manufacturing must scale-up to meet demand. This webinar features industry leaders addressing the practical steps and collaboration needed for the UK to compete in battery manufacturing.

Our industry-leading panellists will be addressing these key questions:

  • Where can the UK improve the supply chain for cell production?
  • Identifying the UK’s unique selling points – what more is needed to provide an optimal landscape for Gigafactories?
  • How can sustainability be better incorporated at all stages of battery design and production?


  • Moderator: Roger Atkins, Founder, Electric Vehicles Outlook
  • David Hudson, Head of Vehicle & Powertrain Engineering, Tata Motors
  • Isobel Sheldon, Chief Strategy Officer, Britishvolt
  • David Greenwood, Professor, Advanced Propulsion Systems, University of Warwick – WMG

Jul 22, 2020 11:00 AM in London