For over 50 years now KST has been working as an independent development service and test field provider as regards order development in the automotive sector as well as for manufacturers of drive assemblies and components such as the producers of large engines, engine lubricants and also for suppliers.

KST currently operates a test field of around 80 modern test benches for automobiles, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty engines as well as for the development and testing of motor vehicle drive assemblies. For alternative drive systems KST disposes of extensive and highly dynamic electric motor test benches. Here KST utilizes the special expertise of its over 190 highly qualified specialists for whom the strict obligation of neutrality and absolute discretion in respect to customer information and test results is a top priority.

High performance test benches with numerous kinds of state-of-the-art diagnostic and measurement equipment are available at KST. Our services comprise engine and componant testing as well as contributions to the development of combustion engines of automobiles, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty engines.

Our test field for electromobility and hybrid drives with voltage supplies from 48V to 1000V is continuously being adjusted to the growing requirements of our customers.
In close cooperation with its partners KST performs engine emissions certifications in compliance with the valid emissions reduction standards (EU, APA) for which comprehensive equipment stands ready.

By setting up a special unit for Real Drive Emission measurement (RDE) we have been satisfying the high expectations of our customers for the past 5 years now.
As regards gear and drive train development KST tests the mechanical components such as gear unit, differentials and clutches according to customer specifications.
Another of KST‘s core competences is the exhaust gas system development for which KST performs modal- and operational vibration analyses on engine test benches as well as durability test runs with resonance tracking.

Further areas of focus are the testing of retarders and exhaust gas turbochargers as well as the possibility to perform oil analyses in an on-site laboratory (viscosity, dilution, wear). KST is of course certified according to the relevant statutory requirements.

KST disposes of highly skilled personnel and of all the necessary technical infrastructure to work out custom solutions for the automotive industry. Long term and functional tests as well as development of engines and components are performed competently, neutrally and on schedule. KST is always available if tests cannot or shall not be carried out at the customer’s premises due to pressure of time or due to reasons of capacity or complexity.

Thanks to a number of qualified teams and their short decision-making processes KST is in the position to flexibly respond to new task specifications and higher customer requirements. Test bench capacities required at short notice can generally be provided just as quickly as the necessary equipment to handle special projects.

KST fosters the ongoing dynamic process of change of motorized individual mobility by effective and timely developments and investments into the necessary validation procedures in order to ensure the reliability of the new drive concepts which are devised in close cooperation with our customers.

The networking of vehicles, autonomous driving, car-sharing and electrification are the global challenges the automotive industry must and will meet. Service providers, such as KST who respond flexibly to new egineering requirements, can and will be an indispensable attendant on this path. With our newly enlarged company premises covering 38,000 square metres in Bad Dürkheim we are ready to meet the high expectations of our international clientele.

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