…..How to encourage people to drive electric vehicles? The increasing number of DC fast charging stations along the highways and in cities is one of the factors that has promoted the further transition to electric vehicles (EVs). However, the high power charging (HPC) market continues to search for innovative solutions that can further reduce charging time while delivering reliable and superior performance. Charging station manufacturers worldwide are preparing for the further expansion of the charging infrastructure and need systems that can meet existing and future requirements.

To complement its RADOX® HPC portfolio, HUBER+SUHNER has recently launched the new RADOX HPC200 cable system that is designed for the continuous uncooled charging of electric vehicles with a rated current of 200 Amperes (A) and a peak current of up to 300 A. The system is ideal for charging stations in the cities and highways, in shopping centers, hotels and fleet charging stations. The HPC200 is initially available with the CCS2 interface.

The RADOX HPC200 has similar features as the recently launched RADOX HPC500. The ergonomic design and the reduced weight of the connector, as well as the flexibility of the cable, guarantee the simple and safe handling for the end-user. The high protection rating IP67 of the connector housing, replaceable contacts for extended service life, and the option of a ready-to-use metering system make the system fully future-proof.

In addition to the RADOX HPC200, the RADOX HPC portfolio also includes a cooled cable system: RADOX HPC500, the world’s first high power charging cable system that guarantees continuous charging at 500 A even at high ambient temperatures.

With the complete RADOX HPC portfolio, HUBER+SUHNER enables manufacturers of DC charging stations to cover a performance range from 50 kW to 500 kW. Additionally, operators can quickly switch to different charging cable systems from RADOX HPC portfolio without the challenges associated with different designs and installations. HUBER+SUHNER RADOX HPC solutions are key to meet the ever-increasing demands from the EV infrastructure market.