DBK’s technical revolution in the segment of water heaters combines downsizing with increased performance! Thanks to innovative, patented fluid guidance, DBK David + Baader GmbH from Rülzheim, Germany, has succeeded in bringing the world’s smallest, lightest, and most efficient automotive high-voltage water heater into serial production.

DBK High Voltage Fluid Heater 2022

The new generation of DBK’s high-voltage fluid heater features downsizing with added performance. Despite an installation space reduction of 40%, the power density of the 7 kW heater has been doubled. Due to patented fluid guidance, the power is delivered to the fluid with maximum efficiency.

The compact heater based on long-proven and robust resistance wire heating technology is designed for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. Efficient thermal management allows for quick heating of passenger compartments and batteries in cold environments to the optimum temperature range.

Meanwhile, DBK is developing a solution based on a new heating technology for the 800 to 1000 Volts segment, a scalable high-voltage heater platform for outputs of up to 10 kW.

For more than 10 years, DBK has been mastering the challenges of its worldwide automotive customers in the low- and high-voltage sector. Whether it’s battery or passenger compartment heating, DBK is your competent partner for today’s and tomorrow’s mobility – efficient, flexible and global.

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About DBK David + Baader GmbH

DBK David + Baader GmbH is a medium-sized traditional company from Southern Palatinate, founded in 1946 in Kandel and headquartered in Rülzheim, Germany. The company specializes in the effective and sustainable deployment of energy.

As a developer and manufacturer of electrical heating and cooling solutions, DBK is active in three business areas worldwide:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services

The company employs more than 750 employees at its sites in Germany, France, the UK, Austria, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the USA, Hong Kong and China.

Photo: DBK David + Baader GmbH | Automotive.