The Huf Actuator – for Easy Opening

Tailgate latches

By Marco Rosenbaum, Product Manager, Huf Group

The Huf actuator – for easy opening. © Huf Group

In addition to vehicle access and drive authorization products, the Huf Group focuses on intelligent solutions that increase driver safety and comfort. As part of a comprehensive range of products for the rear of the vehicle, Huf develops and produces electro-mechanical tailgate latches. Huf has designed a modular system for this, which can be supplied with various fittings for any specified design.

Vehicle doors, tailgates and trunks are being increasingly padded out to cut down vehicle noise, which means that it takes a considerable effort to close them. The Huf Group’s servodriven tailgate latch, which automatically pulls the door or trunk lid tight after the latch has engaged with the preliminary catch, offers a convenient solution. In particular, this solution has been welcomed by drivers of high-end vehicles.

The Huf Group has now succeeded in producing a further modular development with the new actuator, an intelligent solution that once again demonstrates the company’s systems expertise. The latch’s functionality has been expanded: On the one hand, it completely eliminates noise when opening and, on the other, it makes for a pleasant, effortless opening experience, as the actuator produces the pulling power. This actuator augments the Huf Group’s product portfolio for rear end systems with the associated control and drive systems for the electric tailgate latches.

Huf has succeeded in developing an actuator that weighs less than half than comparable currently available products. The low weight helps to reduce the customer’s fuel consumption, which means longer ranges, especially for electric vehicles. Another benefit is the reduced space requirement. The compact design facilitates a plethora of different applications andenables flexible positioning even in the tightest spaces. As such, the Huf actuator can not only be used for tailgate locking systems, but also for driver-convenience systems such as those involved in locking and unlocking vehicle doors or remote-controlled gas tank lids, hoods and oddments trays.

In addition to tailgate latches, Huf specializes in manufacturing coated or chrome-plated badge locks and multi-functional tailgate bars with integrated lighting, soft touch handlesand reversing cameras. These products are offered in numerous varieties depending on the vehicle class. As a manufacturer of mechanical and electrical locking systems, door handles, vehicle access and drive authorization systems, as well as tire pressure monitoring systems, Huf is one of the pioneering developers of passive entry systems. Huf was one of the first companies to market the kick sensor for convenient vehicle trunk opening. With 7,800 employees, the Huf Group has a presence in 16 countries and turned over more than €1.5 billion globally in 2017.

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Source: OEM&Supplier, Edition 2/2018