• EVA is the first automation platform worldwide that combines processes with natural language and artificial intelligence.
  • Users can now apply continuous digitization and artificial intelligence as virtual assistants in their own company as easily as never before.

The Mannheim Start-Up SUSI&James makes artificial intelligence accessible to all companies. “We are convinced that AI will have a massive impact on the economy and the habits of society. It is important to recognize this change at an early stage and to gain a competitive advantage,” says founder Dr. Jonas Moßler. “We already work for Porsche, Daimler, the ADAC and other well-known brands.”

The Evolutional Virtual Assistant (EVA) from SUSI&James, in interaction with existing customer systems, enables the continuous digitalization and, based on this, the automation of business processes. With simple accessibility and high standardization on the EVA platform, processes can be individually mapped, integrated and automated at a high level. Once the foundation has been laid, an artificial intelligence that is capable of learning and continuously evolving can be established.

With EVA, processes along the entire value chain can be digitalized and automated. From customer support, such as handling customer concerns by telephone, to manufacturing processes, such as data preparation for 3D printing.

Dr. Moßler: “AI is a relief for people. End customers expect ever higher availability, as well as simple and fast solutions. As many people as possible should share in these advantages of artificial intelligence. That is why the vision at SUSI&James is “AI for everyone”.”

As a service provider SUSI&James supports …

  1. to identify the potential of artificial intelligence in business processes
  2. to generate benefits for customers, employees and suppliers and
  3. to become more flexible and efficient in their own business model

The strategy focuses on the “enabling” of customers. With easy accessibility and high standardization on the EVA platform, processes can be mapped, integrated and automated individually and at a high level.

Applications can thus be developed at high speed and assistance functions typical for artificial intelligence can be integrated. For example the control of systems by means of speech.

The artificial intelligence created by SUSI&James on EVA is called SUSI. It provides a digital employee and relieves employees in companies or creates new perspectives through the automation of processes. Users can use the standards of our core product EVA to configure their own AI SUSI or extend the components of the platform to meet their individual needs.

SUSI already actively supports the following applications at the customer:

  • In the area of industrialized 3D printing
  • Requirements management
  • Speaking operating instructions
  • Support Automation (hotline, FAQs, status query)
  • Vehicle testing
  • Work documentation
  • Product consulting