By Andreas Scheffner, Head of Sales and Marketing.

KSI – Klaus Stahl Industrielackierungen GmbH, one of the largest and most diverse companies in the coating industry will reach a new milestone in 2020: The expansion of production capacity with a new E-Coat unit.

The starting shot for new E-Coat unit has fallen. With this the coating of oversized parts of up to 3,1m length, 1,8m in height and 1,25m wide and of a weight up to 2 tons is possible

KSI expects to have a big market advantage and a unique selling point. Because it is one of the few companies that can paint such large parts sizes. In the future all types of metals can be used, from aluminium to steel and cast iron; short: all kinds of components can be coated.

Not only the capacities in term of KTL-Coating are considerably increased by the new KTL-system. There will also be a lot of improvement on the topic of environment and energy. An important aspect in the decision to build a new unit was sustainability. This makes the new unit economical, environmental friendly and energetically up-to-date.

Part of the pretreatment of the new E-Coat is an integrated bath for the removal of laser scale and rust.

For heavily scaled components and especially thick laser scale coatings or heavily corroded parts there was installed a long-term corrosive fluid in a big bypass. Scale is removed without residue. This is a cost effective alternative to classic and expensive sandblasting, that is no longer needed. By a special treatment the weld seam glazing can be removed cleanly.

The new E-Coat unit was completed on schedule without delay. After completing an extensive test phase production will begin in 2020.

The year 2019 didn’t only mean an increase in production capacity for KSI but also marked an anniversary year for the company. Today KSI Klaus Stahl Industrielackierungen GmbH was founded 60 years ago as a handicraft business for surface treatment of tables and doors and the preparation of old pianos. The medium sized company with headquarter in Schifferstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate with its 185 employees has a reputation far beyond the borders of Germany.

Also the e-coating celebrates an anniversary: For 30 years (built 1989) KSI coated in this process. However, this is just one of many painting methods offered by the company: In addition powder coating, coil coating, pad printing and many services by a contract coating company are also part of the product portfolio.