Coating for innovative brake discs for premium vehicles

AHC Benelux BV, an AHC Group company, has a fully automated system that is specifically designed for the coating of technically high-quality brake discs, at its plant in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Buderus Guss GmbH is a major brake disc manufacturer in Europe, a development partner and supplier to the international automotive industry, based in Breidenbach, Hesse. The company has developed an innovative brake disc, called iDisc, for premium vehicles. It is positioned between the conventional grey cast iron brake disc and the ceramic brake disc. “i” stands for innovative. The innovative feature of the new brake disc is the mirror-like hard metal surface of the friction ring. The coating from AHC Benelux forms an extremely good adhesive surface for the hard metal, which is applied by Buderus by means of flame spraying. This makes the brake disk corrosion-resistant and durable and maintains an elegant appearance. In addition, extreme wear resistance is ensured, which provides a significant reduction in brake dust. Less brake dust means less fine dust and thus an environmental benefit, but also a greater convenience for the end customer who values clean rims.

The brake disk will be installed in various models of a well-known German sports car manufacturer and is another example of what surface technology achieves in the background.


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(Source: OEM&Lieferant, Edition 02/2017)