By Nina Veith, Fränkische Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG

FIP is proud to present its innovative cable protection systems for 12 and 48 volt on-board electrical systems. FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes is fit for the future. Following the 12 volt / high-voltage applications, cable protection solutions for future 48 volt on-board electrical systems have now been developed and made ready for series production in close cooperation with OEMs.

An ever increasing number of electronically controlled systems, such as climate control units, safety assistants, or communication systems, coupled with the necessity to reduce CO2 emissions gradually take 12 volt on-board electrical systems to their limits. A second voltage level can be of advantage, since with its help, power volume can be more than quadrupled. Yet lifting the on-board electrical system voltage to 48 volts may cause new hazards that need to be eliminated.

Solutions to new safety-related aspects

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes has adapted its products to the new safety aspects of the 48 volt technology, and had them tested by accredited testing bodies. Depending on the requirements, corrugated tubes, protective hoses and mats made of a great variety of materials provide protection against abrasion, crash effects, high temperatures, or even electric influences.

Since plug connectors coming loose under the influence of voltages of over 20 volts may cause overvoltage and electric arcs accompanied by very high temperatures. The new FIP protection products specifically developed for 48 volt on-board electrical systems prevent escape and transition of electric arcs thus even providing protection against vehicle fire. Heat protection mats and hoses also protect the on-board electrical system from overheating, and withstand constant temperatures of up to 200 °C and even temporary temperatures of up to 650 °C.

Production-ready solutions for 48 volt on-board electrical systems are the latest addition to the comprehensive product portfolio of FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes for all commercially available on-board electrical systems, i.e. even for 12 volt and high-voltage applications.

For all technical engine compartment requirements, such as:

  • constant temperatures of up to 350 °C,
    radiation temperatures of up to 650 °C,
  • abrasion protection,
  • crash and impact protection,
  • electric voltages and influences from inside and outside, and
  • multilayer product design,

there is now an exactly matching protection hose product by FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes.

Fränkische Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in German, Königsberg, is an international development partner for technically superior corrugated tubes, corrugated tube systems and protective hoses for cable protection and fluid systems in automotive applications.

Thanks to a wide range of products and services coupled with a great variety of production processes – including extrusion of corrugated and smooth tubing (with up to 5 layers), blow molding, injection molding, knitting, thermoforming and assembling – individual solutions ready for series production are manufactured on 280,000 m2 of production area in Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Mexico and the USA in close cooperation with OEMs and tier1, and are delivered directly to final installation.

(Source: OEM & Lieferant, Edition 2/2016)